Trent Locke

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Video Description: Wanna know what a full-blooded typical young American male is? Then take a look at Trent Locke. He’s just a regular guy, the type of fellow you’d pass on the street, seemingly with no agenda, no mystery. But he is a major cutie, and like other typical young American males, he is hot and horny. Jacking off 4 to 5 times a day runs a close second to having sex – which he boasts is often – so this kid must be working his dick raw. Trent looks like he’s played a lot of sports; his body is solid and naturally muscled. A fine coat of hair runs across his chest and legs. His complexion is kinda mottled, but that’s because he’s still a kid, rather a young man. (Note: all our guys are of legal age, so don’t worry!) And that’s what so winning about him. This is what a real guy looks like: wholesome and healthy and oh so desirable. Relaxed and comfortable, he starts to yank his crank. His right hand and cock share a close familiarity and camaraderie – such good buddies. He works his dick slowly at first, massaging and manipulating the engorged shaft, and then the speed gradually picks up. You can tell he’s about to climax as his body tenses up, his eyelids flutter, his lips quiver, all accompanied with a soundtrack of grunts and gasps. When he finally cums, he shoots his wad all over. And like typical young guys, he makes a mess. But we’ll give him a pass 'cuz he's so cool.


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