The Woods Part 1

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Video Description: The ground is vibrating, but that's no earthquake. Something has taken possession of super stud, forest rangers Tom Wolfe and Cal Skye. Cal sees the erection in Tom's pants and knows Tom wants him to touch it, to help it grow. Cock springs eternal when Cal releases Tom's stiffening meat and bends low to inhale the aroma, lick the shaft and swirl his lips around the head. Tom unbuttons his shirt and Cal's hand reaches under the snowy wife beater to rub his palm over the chest hairs. Tom grabs Cal by the belt and pushes him against their pickup. Cal's dick is so hard it practically tears the fabric of his boxers when Tom yanks his pants down. The 5 o'clock shadow on Cal's handsome face grows red as Tom chokes and salivates over the enormous cock and balls confronting him. Cal jumps on the tailgate and comes down with Tom's face planted between his butt cheeks. He reaches back to spread his buns, easing passage for invasion by Tom's cock, the final act of possession. First on his feet, then on his back, Cal is the epitome of a dark-haired dreamboat welcoming this anal invasion. His cock streams jism across his abs then he cranes his neck forward and opens his mouth to capture the hot cum spuming from Tom's cock.