The Pledge Masters

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Video Description: Caught impersonating an upperclassman, Pledge Collins (Mike Gregory) awaits his punishment in President Martin's (Steve Hammond) quarters. When Martin arrives, he makes sure Collins gets the discipline he deserves. First Martin orders Collins to worship his form...starting at the feet and sucking his way up...when Collins arrives at Martin's cock, Martin face-fucks his boy slowly and deeply, making him appreciate the cock in his throat. When his cock is sufficiently soaked in spit, Martin makes Collins warm and open his hole...keeping the pledge busy tonguing that sweet pucker. Finally Martin can resist no longer, and begins his assault on Collins' ass...plowing, pumping, plunging and slamming it deeper...deeper...deeper into his hole. Collins has shot his load three times now and Martin's endless power-fuck comes to a climax...showering the repentent Collins in ropes of thick cum. Collins is allowed to spend the night on the floor, but after considering Collins eagerness to please...and the chill of the night when the fire's gone out...Martin carries him to bed and Collins' hazing is finally at an end.