The Pledge Masters

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Video Description: Under the guidance of Upperclassman Anderson (Race Jensen), Pledge Collins (Mike Gregory) is assigned to clean up the President's room. In the process he's soon in the footlocker playing with some toys when suddenly Pledge Thomas (Ryan Edwards) comes through the door. Unaware that Collins is a pledge, Thomas comes immediately to attention. Collins seizes this opportunity and has Thomas sucking a dildo while he fills Thomas' ass full of latex at the same time. Upperclassman Anderson returns and realizes Collins has duped Thomas for his own gain. He dismisses Thomas and orders Collins to get down on his knees. Collins is sniffing and licking Anderson's crotch, deep throating the upperclassman, then tonguing his sweet ass. Permission is granted and Pledge Collins sits on Anderson's huge pole, riding up and down until the pledge can hold no longer and erupts on Anderson's chest. Anderson rolls him over onto his knees and plows the pledge into surrender, then on his back where he drenches the pledge in a white-wash of cum. Anderson orders Collins to clean up as he goes to report Collins' misdeeds to the council.