The Other Side Of Aspen VI

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Video Description: Landon Conrad and Brandon Bangs relax in a steaming hot tub amidst the sun-soaked snowcovered Aspen landscape. Landon's striking features and perfectly chiseled physique bathe in the mist like an erotic mirage...and big blond Brandon goes in for a drink of the bright lusty visage. The muscles on Landon's torso ripple with excitement as Brandon sucks his long veiny cock and the action grows steamier with every urgent uptake of cock. Before long Landon takes his turn deepthroating Brandon's uncut cock...taking his breath away and causing Brandon's jaw to drop in awe over Landon's cocksucking skills. The steamed and steamy studs switch it up again with Brandon licking Landon's balls until he finally gives into the urgency of orgasm and shoots his load. Landon settles into the heat of the whirlpool while he sucks and jacks Brandon's thick uncut cock until the boy pumps out his own thick load. Satisfied and energized the two studs seal the scene as they kiss deeply and passionately.