The Brothers

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Video Description: The Brothers: When Dean Chasson's brother Greg comes home from the service, their reunion is a beautiful culmination of their life-long closeness. While away, Greg had often remembered the occasional lonely nights when he would come home to be cheered and fulfilled by his brother. But the many months of separation have stirred a need much greater than that of the past a need that can only be fulfilled by Dean's total devotion to his brother. Both boys have similar instincts but Greg's huge endowment makes him the conqueror. As their perfect bodies entwine tenderly at first, their similarity in features and character as well as their devotion to one another become apparent. Brothely love becomes desire as Dean and Greg plunge deeper and deeper into a heated, furious passion. This unique combination of devotion and passion create an unforgettable viewing experience. Never before have two so perfect young men been brought together and done so much so well. The result is a film so sensually beautiful, so heatedly passionate that it places itself in the lone position of being truly outstanding. A sexual relationship between two brothers on film is rarely available. We feel extremely fortunate in being able to offer this one for you, it's a must!