The Brothers

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Video Description: The Way You Love: A warm, moving story well known to most of us. Rick is a young, sensitive boy with a physical desire that he doesn't quite fully understand. Though he has had relations with some of his friends, he always left feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. Now he finds himself alone with an older boy and the excitement causes his heart to pound and his body to tremble in anticipation as Jim stands before him completely nude. Rick knew Jim wanted him and the thought of Jim's strong body pressed against his own caused his mind to race. His face became flushed as his whole body begged for the satisfaction and sexual relief that he knew would be his. This beautiful film was featured in a special holiday brochure which was mailed to those who had purchased from Dimension during 1973. The deluge of praise and compliments received leads us to believe that this will be the most popular film ever!!


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