The Big Thrill

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Video Description: It's a warm summer night. groping in the darkness Derek Cameron stumbles through the kitchen and makes it ot the refigerator. He pours himself a glass of milk when someone brabs him from behind. Startled, he drops the glass and it crashes to the floor, but that doesn't stop the two young studs from getting it on. Bathed in the pale light of the ice box, Derek and Gregg Rockwell manhandle, kiss, and devour each other. The two move silently as Derek smothers Gregg's chest and torso with his tongue, sliding up and down and enjoying every inch of delicious flesh. He pulls Gregg's shorts down, exposing the thick hard cock he's so hungry for. Derek lovingly worships and swallows it. He nurses on Gregg's cock...expertly sucking and working it. Spreading derek's ass cheeks wide, Greg slides a cucumber up his buddy's hole, twising and grinding it in hihg and tight. Derek groans with pleasure and Gregg keeps pumping his ass with the cuke until Derek loses his load. Overwhelmed with desire, Gregg jacks his thick cock until long streams of white cum erupt, bathing Derek's ass in sweet cum.