Take Ten

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Video Description: 'Three in a Barn' - The old barn doesn't look luxurious but it's shelter for the night. Larry Atkins, a traveling salesman, is grateful for that much at least. At the sound of approaching footsteps, he quickly dcks out of sight. On the other side of the haybale, he sees hunky blond Rock feeding the animals. finished with his chores, Rock starts pawing at the front of his overalls, opening his fly and pulling out a club-like cock that he's soon stroking with horny teenaged skill. Just then the barn door opens and a suprised Larry looks up to see tall muscular Barry...who's the spitting image of Rock ... only older. It suddenly hits him that the two studs must be father and son! And what a team they are! The father wips out a prong that's even bigger than the kid's and proceeds to give both Rock and Larry a few pointers on how to train a stud to service a hot cock.


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