Stiff Competition

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Video Description: Neil Thomas gets turned on as he thumbs through a magazine. Out of the corner of his eye, he zeroes in on Chris Stone's round and firm buttocks and gets even more excited. He decides he will win Stone's ass by an arm wrestling match. The two studs are soon pitted against one another their forearms and biceps bulging in an intense struggle. Stone finally gives in and Neil begins to explore Chris's ass with his probing, yet caressing, tongue. Stone liberates Thomas' giant cock from his shorts and engulfs the thick member, using his throat muscles to contract against the swelling shaft. Chris confesses to Neil that he threw the arm wrestling match. This excites Neil all the more and he begins to tease Stone's waiting hole with his stiff prick. Chris' ass can wait no longer and Neil won't let him have it yet. 'C'mon man, I gotta have it now!' Neil rams the open ass causing Chris to moan from the depths of his gut and then beg for more. Stone is fucked every which way but loosa and then finally rides Neil's rod as he cums. Neil then showers Chris with his load.