Snow Trip, Vol. 15 - Reno

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Video Description: Between swigs of beer, Tony Douglas and Darius Soli play a round of poker. Tony's got the better hand and triumphs. But there are no sore losers here as Darius takes the winner's cock inside his mouth and sucks it down. With each slippery slurp up and down the meaty shaft, he can feel it grow to its full length and girth. Then he buries his face in Tony's butt and spreads the asscheeks apart so his tongue can dart deep inside to tease and tickle the crack. Now it's Tony's turn for a taste of victory, that is, a taste of Darius, and he swallows his partner's dick, almost gagging on it as he tries deepthroating. Darius bends over, his smooth round butt looking so vulnerable and inviting -- the perfect target for Tony's rigid tool to burrow deep inside. Darius can't hold back and quickly cums with Tony still fucking him hard. Then Tony pulls his cock out and busts his nut all over an exhausted Darius.