Snow Trip, Vol. 15 - Reno

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Video Description: We catch Elijah Michaels and Kaleb Darko playing billiards although it's clear they'd rather fiddle with each other's sticks and balls. Kaleb's already sporting a woodie when he pulls Elijah's shorts down and starts to suck on his cock. The ginger giant sways to the rhythmic movement of Kaleb's head as it bounces up and down his shaft. Then Elijah shows he can suck dick too as he knoshes on his playmate's lap taffy while tenderly squeezing his balls and stuffing them into his mouth. Kaleb rims Elijah's ass driving him crazy as his pierced tongue digs deep inside the crack. Unable to harness his ever-growing horniness, Elijah slides his cock into his buddy's asshole, thrusting himself inside as he slaps Kaleb's buttcheeks scarlet. The two grunt with pleasure as the assault rages on. Then sitting side by side the two jerk themselves off, Elijah shooting his load across his belly and Kaleb oozing creamy spooge out of his piss slit.