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From: Santana
Categories tattoos, solo scene
Video Description: Santana isn't the first guy claiming to be a virgin. That is, he's never jacked off on camera before. He shyly admits he wants to do it because he likes to try new things. Just the idea of masturbating for an eager audience with nobody - including his girlfriend - knowing is tempting enough for him to go for it. Anyway, he hasn't jerked off in awhile, so he might as well do it now. Nestled in the cushy pillows on the couch, Santana is an absolute boy toy confection. He's a real cutie-pie cherub with a tight compact body. With one hand he pulls his pud; his other hand tickles his balls. 'Yeah, this feels good,' he coos as he continues stroking his cock. He's moving faster, getting close and then, Pow! He blasts his load; the jism dripping like scrumptious icing over his belly and hand. He's happy that he's done the deed and, as he slips his underwear back on, repeats that he likes trying new things. ... So do we, angel. So do we!


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