Rusty with Toy

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Categories Bodybuilder, solo scene
Video Description: It's Round 2 with Rusty and he's back to play with a new toy. When asked if he's seen it, he replies that 'it's as big as my forearm!' Well, not really, but that manrammer is a pretty impressive toy he's gonna shove up his ass. He primes his hole by lubing up, then does the same with the rubber pole. Laying down on the couch, he rolls onto his back. He stretches his slicked sphincter wide open; teases the hole with the tip of the manrammer, then gingerly pushes it in. The fit is tight as he inches it farther up his ass. Rusty's asshole just sucks the rod in, reluctant to release. He slides it in deeper just to see how much more his ass can take. In and out, in and out ... the manrammer is working its magic! Enthralled and quickly reaching his pleasure threshhold, Rusty pulls the pole out to finish the job by hand, jerking off and grunting heavily as he finally shoots his load.


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