Round Up

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Video Description: 'Pleasure Point': The twins are out in the sea, surfing the waves. Manly man Joe Markham watches them from the beach; he's got a hankering for some brotherly love. He invites them back to his home and offers them a hot beverage and a seat by the fireplace. The gangly brothers are all smiles and shaggy hair, but they know what's about to happen. They practically fight for Markham's throbbing bone, trading off on the shaft, the head, the balls. One swallows Markham while the other fingers his ass. They are greedy, greedy little pigs. At one point, Markham has his turnip firmly inside one brother's keister, trying to fuck him silly, while the other one distracts him with a sloppy rim job. Don't get me wrong, the Christys never once appear to be competitive, the scene is actually quite lovely and gently paced, but they do seem insatiable. They just can't get enough-so much so that one climbs atop the other so Markham can have easy access to both assholes, a precarious but fantastic situation in which Markham takes full advantage.