Round Up

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Video Description: Round Up: The opening is a prosaic montage of ranch hands at work. One hunk brushes a horse, another moves firewood, and another tries to wrangle a stallion. One of the men envisions his comrade working in the nude, his sun and sweat drenched body seems the essence of masculinity. He's part the wild expanse of nature, the heaving power of the horses. Without so much as a dissolve, two of the men begin kissing. A third joins them but soon leaves to grab the ranch foreman. He drags the boss over to the two horny hotties and holds his arms behind his head. The young'uns strip him down and devour his dick. They all undress, except for their cowboy hats, and writhe around in a blur of flesh. One of the ranch hands parks his ass on the boss' face and another makes him swallow cock. At one point, the four are backlit by the sun as one detached dick shoots a slo-mo stream of spunk into an open mouth. Even though it becomes increasingly difficult to know who exactly is doing what to whom, there are plenty of hot moments to savor in this scene.