Roughin' It

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Video Description: Feeling adventurous, Trevor Knight decides to check out the campgrounds. He stumbles upon a barn and sees that the chickens have come home to roost. Well, not real chickens but two young jocks caught nesting in the hay. Jake Woods is busy sucking off Conner O'Reily; and Trevor, being up for a cockfight, quickly joins in. Before long he has his new friends bent over so he can tongue their tight assholes. Jake then positions himself between Conner and Trevor, chugging one dick down his throat while getting the other one rammed up his hole. Conner follows suit and takes his turn getting screwed at both ends. Egged on by Trevor, Conner takes a whack at Jake's crack, ramming his dick far inside. Trevor takes over and fucks Jake who can barely contain himself as he shoots his wad. He and Conner then alternate sucking Trevor's cock, licking his balls, and jerking him off until he explodes. Then Conner clamps both hands around his cock and jacks himself off 'til he finally cums.