Roman's Holiday 2

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Video Description: One of the disadvantages of travelling solo in a foreign city is that you're not always sure where you are. On this rainy day, Roman finds himself lost on the Charles Bridge. Though unable to speak the native tongue, Roman has no problem communicating with the locals and he asks Steven Ward directions to the museum. The hunky stud takes him under his wing and leads him instead to a private gathering where four of his friends are partying hearty ... and these natives are restless. Leon Bares is busy sucking on Blue Prince's dick while Jan Cerny is guzzling down Marco Bill's pole. Steven and Roman join the action and the horny gang of six soon engage in a sizzling daisy chain suck-off. Then they break into groups of three with Blue fucking Leon as he sucks Marco's rod and Roman and Jan trading off feeding on Steven's cock. Everyone takes a turn fucking Leon's bare ass while he sucks a succession of big hard dicks. And then it's one shower of cum after the other until all of the guys are spent and satisfied.