Roman's Holiday 2

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Video Description: Continuing his stroll through Prague, Roman walks by Jerry Harris and Thomas Dyk, a young couple sitting on a park bench, their fingers entwined and their passions brewing. They smile as the handsome stranger passes then quickly retire to their love nest where they can hungrily explore and enjoy each other's physical treasures. Jerry starts sucking on Thomas' thick cock, wrapping his lips around the sheathed shaft and bobbing his head up and down, pleasuring them both. Soon they are 69ing before Jerry proceeds to fuck his boyfriend, ramming his cock into his fuzzy asshole. Thomas is bent in half with his ankles around Jerry's neck as they fuck and kiss and moan with pleasure. Then they switch it up and lay on their sides so Thomas can pummels Jerry's crack from behind. He pumps away before pulling out to cum all over his happy lover's neck and chest. Jerry beats his meat off himself and shoots his wad and the two lovebirds seal their romantic deed with a kiss.