Roman's Holiday 2

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Video Description: After wandering Wenceslas Square, Roman Heart finds his way to a local watering hole where bartender Phil Sardou and patron Denis Reed offer the lonely traveller a drink. Both ask Roman to 'show them something' and the American is happy to oblige, letting both men take turns fondling his perfectly chiseled body. Denis goes down on Roman's rock-hard cock, slurping down every inch of his meat. Phil joins in on the fun and they take turns sucking off the roamin' visitor. Denis sticks his thick 8.5' cock deep inside Roman's ass and fucks him doggie style while the ravenous tourist deepthroats the handsome bartender's uncut cock. Excited and spurred on by Roman's moans of pleasure, Denis starts fucking him harder and deeper. Phil takes his turn and with Roman bent over the barstool, he shoves his tool deep down his chute. The two horny Czechs shoot their loads all over Roman's chest and he answers by leaving his two new friends a parting gift of white spooge smattering the bar room floor.