Rock Solid

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Video Description: Jordan West and Brad Eliot are locked in heavy action. Brad squeezes and punches Jordan's chest and works his tongue down his partners smooth muscled body. Brad takes Jordan's dick out and works it to full hardness. Jordan then sucks brad, swallowing his thick cock. Bruno Bianchi eyes the two and muscles his way in, making this horny twosome and even hotter threesome. Th trio picks up the pace and the action really takes off. Bruno and Jordan fight for Brad's cock, taking turns sluping up his engorged dick. Then Brad slides his shaft up Jordan's willing ass as the eager Jordan feeds on Bruno's thick dick. They grunt and moan with pleasure as they switch positions, maintaining the intense level of pleasure - eating assess, sucking cock. Brad shoves his fingers up Jordan's ass and fucks him hard. The men continue this frenzied pace until all three shoot their loads one after the other.