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From: Rob
Categories Athletics, solo scene
Video Description: There’s a line from an old Tom Waits’ song that goes, “He’s so horny, the crack of dawn better watch out.” Well, that is an apt description of young Rob from Miami who loves having sex. And he’ll do it anywhere and everywhere – in movie theatres, in elevators, on the beach – he doesn’t care. But he hasn’t had any sex or even masturbated in a few days – way too long– so he’s gonna get his rocks off right now.Rob is a bit on the slight size, but an undeniable mighty mite nonetheless. As he undresses he strikes a pose, flexing his arms and popping up a pretty good muscle. Then he grabs his cock and starts to jerk off, slow and steady. After a while he gets down on the floor, popping his legs up onto the side of the bed. He’s working his dick faster and faster, as he stretches and arches until he explodes in milky puddles of cum across his belly. “It was great ... fantabulous, man! That was amazing.” He smiles and laughs; his cockiness and bravado fueling his claim that he’s got what it takes to be a great porn star.


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