Road Trip, Vol. 14 - Hollywood

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Categories Anal Sex, oral sex, rimming
Video Description: We held Jacob Wright and Damon Audigier captive in their hotel room, knowing that they'd really let it all hang out and have a blast. Damon makes the first move, going down and nibbling on Jacob's cock, sucking down that tasty tidbit of throbbing love. Then it's Jacob's turn to service his buddy and he eagerly goes to town; his head bobs back and forth, his lips clenched tight around the tip of Damon's long dong. Damon lays back, spreads his legs and exposes his hole for Jacob to play with. The 'lil dynamo licks the wrinkled pucker and jams a finger inside, then munches on it some more. Damon is totally turned on and starts to fuck Jacob hard, making him whimper and gasp. After screwing Jacob in a variety of different positions, Damon pulls his cock out and showers spurt after spurt of his jism all over Jacob. And the mighty mite follows up with his own explosive blasts of cum.