Road Trip, Vol. 13 - San Diego

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Video Description: Jeremy Fox hightailed it out of Wyoming's boring cornfields and headed west to sunny California. Dex Carter is one of the beautiful people Florida is famous for. Besides being young, horny and handsome, both jocks share something else in common ... they'd both surrender their asses to Falcon superstar Leo Giamani. So until Leo comes along to sweep them off their feet, these two get it on. Jeremy is the first one on his knees, taking in Dex's gorgeous cock and sucking every tasty inch down his throat. Dex quickly returns the favor and nurses on his partner's knob. Then Jeremy rims Dex's hairy asshole, jamming his tongue deep inside the juiced-up cleft, before he's bending over happily getting fucked up the ass. Dex pumps his cock in and out, then finishes by shooting ribbons of spooge all over Jeremy's face. Jeremy quickly responds in kind, cumming all over his buddy's chest.