Road Trip, Vol. 13 - San Diego

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Video Description: Utah was too boring for Stefano Ricci, so he moved to California. Jake Lyons' complaint about his native Cleveland was that there wasn't enough cock in town. Before this duo begins exploring each other's physical charms, they boast about how young they were when they had sex for the first time. Stefano was 14 when he lost his virginity; Jake was a wee little whore at 7. Let's see what experience and skill they've gained since then. Jake proves what a sucker he is for cock as he dives onto Stefano dick, gobbling up as much precious wiener he can stuff in his mouth. Then he makes a meal outta Stefano's asshole, licking that puckered crack with gusto. Jake knows what a good pig bottom he is and gets on all fours so he can get screwed. Stefano fucks his hole fast, hard and non-stop; he is masterful with every thrust, making Jake cry out with pleasure. Then he pulls out and jerks himself to climax. Jake follows suit with his own milky contribution, both of them satisfied with their efforts.