Road Trip, Vol. 12 - Lake Shasta

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Video Description: Jake Woods is a hottie from Hotlanta who's paired up with Patrick Kennedy. Even though these two jocks hooked up on the internet, this is the first time they've met in the flesh. They hike into the woods to find a secluded spot where they can get better acquainted but there's not much talking as Jake crams his mouth full with Patrick's cock. He guzzles the hefty package down his throat until they change up and Patrick gets down on his knees to chow on Jake's sausage. Then Patrick gets behind and slams his dick between the sweet Georgian's peachy asscheeks, piercing his hole with stiff blows. Jake skewers himself atop Patrick's pole and rides him fast, then he's flat on his back while the fucking continues. The two jerk themselves off, til they finally climax and cum.