Road Trip, Vol. 12 - Lake Shasta

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Video Description: It's been a blast every fucking moment of this trip and now it's time for the eagerly anticipated orgy scene. All the guys wanna celebrate this mind-blowing weekend at the lake and sign off with a blast. Kyler Benz gets to work immediately on Jake Woods, sucking his engorged cock down his gullet. Atorian Tomes and Patrick Kennedy stand side by side, their swollen dicks protruding like meaty spigots and Camden Christenson is on his knees before them, suckling on them both. They change partners and Kyler sucks off Camden who's rimming Jake's ass; Patrick busies himself eating out Atorian's hole. Then it's a fucking frenzy with Patrick servicing Atorian and Camden plugging Jake who's having fun fucking Kyler in turn. Kyler plants himself down in the middle of his four friends and all five jack off, until they shoot their loads of jizz one after the other. Exhausted and happy, they relax in the hot tub, already hoping for another sex-charged weekend at the Lake.