Rhodes' Rules

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Video Description: Laying belly-down and buck naked, Trent Diesel is a sphinx-like manimal whose alluring charms are not wasted on Tristan Jaxx. Tristan approaches Trent and shoves his crotch into his face. Trent opens wide and hungrily sucks on his cock, slavishly running his lips up and down the meaty shaft. Tristan becomes increasingly horny and so eager for more action that he takes his turn to open wide and guzzle Trent's cock down, sucking on it with expertise. Then he eats out Trent's ass, teasing the bunghole with tongue licks and a couple of fingers he jams inside. Charged-up and wanting even more, Tristan starts to fuck Trent's tight ass fast and furious. They continue to screw in a variety of positions, and then while riding Tristan's hot rod, Trent strokes himself off and cums. Exhausted and spent, he kneels before Tristan like an obedient submissive only to get blasted in the face with milky spooge.