Rhodes' Rules

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Video Description: Tyler Saint struts his stuff around the club while on the prowl for some action. His interest is piqued when he discovers Andre Barclay getting fucked up the ass with a mechanical dildo drilling him non-stop. Tickling his kinky side, this whacky display draws Tyler into action. He shoves his cock in Andre's face and forcefeeds him his engorged cock. Andre is soon wallowing in pig heaven as he syphons Tyler's python and gets plugged up the back end. A short spell later, they ditch the robotic fuckmachine so Tyler can deliver the man-on-man interaction that Andre's inflamed asshole's been missing. Every jab up his smarting sphincter has Andre sighing and growling with pained pleasure. Then the two men jerk themselves off with Andre climaxing and cumming first. And Tyler's no saint as he first unloads a blast of jizz on his buddy's mug, then really puts out the fire by hosing Andre down as if he's nothing but a human trough.