Private Workout

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Video Description: 'Master's Massage': Mark Baxter has stopped by the health spa for a full body massage and finds himself in Luke Bender's hands. Luke works over the tense muscles of this rock-hard jock with a variety of vibrators, taking his time on Mark's tense buttocks, relaxing his asshole for the upcoming workout. Baxter is so turned on by Bender's chiseled body and feverish touch that he begins to writhe on the massage table, hoping that Luke will explore the depths of his up-turned ass. Luke dons a pair of rubber gloves and begins to penetrate his hands into the taut twitching hole. Baxter's ass is receptive, opening wider and deeper for Bender's black-gloved hands. Luke pulls a leather dildo from his supplies and zeros in on Mark's ass, ramming the open hole wider and deeper with every thrust, causing Mark to growl from deep within. A giant latex dildo is next and Mark's ass manages to suck in the entire long thick shaft. Mark begs Luke to give him the real thing...Luke's huge thick rod. Luke pulls the dildo out and plugs Mark's hole, pummeling it mercilessly until the excitement climaxes in a steady flow of hot cream spewing forth from the two studs' hot, hard pricks. Mark got a total massage all right, inside and out!