Pornstud/The Big Deal, Part 2

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Categories Anal Sex, oral sex, underwear
Video Description: Sex Club: Big John throws in his hardhat and Tom Cline, 'No. 77' at center position in Winner's Circle, throws in his football helmet. Both to center stage of an exciting private sex club where they perform an endless rage of hot sweaty sex for all to watch. Big John gets his 11-inch master cock hard as steel for 'No.77, Tom' to wet his lips and run his tongue from cock head to balls, jamming his mouth full of as much hard shaft as his throat will forcibly take, he sucks this man's cock long and hard! Big John gets 'No. 77' into a hot center position to receive his long tongue in 'No. 77's' athletic goal scoring asshole. Big John's fingers follow his tongue and an exciting play is made for a rough and tough fucking on this center's tight asshole. 'No. 77, Tom' is fucked within an inch of his life and Big John decides a hot center should be able to take more man sex - Big John shoves his whole huge hand into 'No. 77's' receiving center asshole as Tom squats down for more. This private club is the only one in the city doing these shows nightly, we couldn't release the club's name or location so we, at Falcon, took our cameras with us so that we could share the excitement of the show with all of you.