Pornstud/The Big Deal, Part 2

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Video Description: 'Stud Brothers': Big Joe Markum and Falcon's newest young spirited star, little Tony Markum (Joe's youngest brother) relive for you that wild hot afternoon during summer when they, for the first time, had a taste of savage brotherly sex. Big Joe and Tony hadn't seen each other in two years because Tony had hot assed it up with his girlfriend and eloped to be married before he finished high school. But because little brother's cock needed more action than his girl could take, they separated some six months ago. Little brother Tony had taken to a local beach, during this separation from his wife, to experience some hard cock sessions with the virile beach boys on shore. Little Tony didn't think he would ever run into his big stud brother on the beach, especially since Big Joe worked afternoons. Joe is layed off work and also takes to the beach to work off his frustrations on what he had heard about the boys on the beach. The brothers meet each other and soon discover they are here for the same cock-throbbing action. The brothers hot passion-drenched session is what we have captured for you in this sex-filled epic destined to be one of the hottest films we've ever made.