Pledgemaster - The Hazing

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Video Description: Under the cloak of darkness, the pledges are ushered into the frat house, Nash and his brother-in-crime, John Magnum take Kyler Benz and Dayton O'Conner down a darkened stairway until they reach a secret chamber. As part of the initiation rites, the boys are bent over and get their bare asses paddled. The pledgemasters instruct their captives to suck on each other's cock and lick each other's balls. Then Nash takes Dayton and John picks Kyler and the cruel masters have their way slamming their cocks in the boys' mouths and then up their assholes, making them whimper with each forceful thrust. After awhile, the boys are sent out and John and Nash finish each other off, sucking cock until they both climax and cum.