Pledgemaster - The Hazing

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Video Description: Hawke has double duty, breaking in both Jake Woods and Patrick Kennedy. First TJ makes the boys eat out the other's assholes, using spit to make the cracks slick and moist enough to slide a finger inside. Then TJ's playbook has him pulling out his collection of big rubber dildos. He jams the latex poles down their throats and up their asses. He twists the batons in their stretched sphincters, making the boys grimace and gasp. Then he makes them suck his cock. To humiliate them more, TJ commands Patrick to drill Jake while he gets behind to screw his ass, creating a 3-man daisy-chain fuck. Being the big man-in-charge, TJ selects who he fucks and who he sucks off. Ready to blow, the three of them beat themselves off and quickly spooge all over.