Parker's Mirage

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Video Description: Parker London tries resting outside by the pool, but there's this sensation tingling in his loins. He slides his briefs down and his already engorged cock pops out. He grabs ahold of the stiff slab of meat and begins to stroke it, his hand sliding up and down the shaft. He leans back, eyes closed, and continues masturbating. Parker slips off his briefs, freeing himself completely to really enjoy the experience. He then grabs an ice cube and begins to cool himself down ... sliding the frozen block across his nipples, then down his belly and then all over his dick and balls. The coldness generates a kinky excitement that enhances the thrill he's feeling and when he finally tickles his asshole with the cube, he's ready to blow. Parker strokes himself off, his hand bobbing up and down his dick shaft until he finally blasts ribbons of warm spooge across his belly.


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