Parker's Mirage

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Video Description: Jake Austin and Logan Drake are relaxing poolside, already busy at play when Cliff Jensen swims up to join them. Logan stuffs his mouth full with Jake's dick while he's hungrily feeding on Cliff's cock and balls. It's a win-win situation for all three as they lose themselves in this lusty 3-man exercise. Logan then sucks off both his companions, Cliff first, then Jake, then both of them simultaneously. Logan gets down on his knees and Cliff mounts him. Both of their butts are staring Jake in the face and he attacks their assholes with his tongue. Then with Logan on his back with his legs in the air, Jake fucks his asshole with hard thrusts while Cliff watches with approval. The men switch things up and Logan porks Jake while he's busy fellating Cliff. Then Jake sits on Cliff's lap to bounce up and down his big cock until he ejaculates. Logan jerks himself off and discharges; and Cliff jacks off, squeezing out milky drops of cum to end the session.