No Way Out

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Video Description: Travis Wade orders Anthony LaFont, Sebastian Gronoff & Kevin Pearce to take Karl Tenner out to re-enact a steamy scenario where 3 policemen 'gang up' on a petty thief. Karl is ordered on his knees in the middle of a suck circle, pushed and pulled from one hard cock to another. He takes each long hard thrusted length of cock deep into his throat without any hesitation. Travis joins in and fucks comrade Sebastian's hungry butt, while Anthony drives his monster cock down Sebastian's throat. Kevin takes a seat and pulls Karl down onto his stiff cock for a quick buttfuck. Kevin then sucks on Anthony while Sebastian fucks him. Travis then fucks Sebastian, Karl is ordered in between Anthony and Kevin with his cock down Kevin's throat; Anthony's cock is hard up Karl's butt as they both hang from the rafters. Karl is back down on his knees to receive each load of slave-driven cum, adding his own to the thick pools dripping from his face and chest.