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From: Nick
Categories Bodybuilder, solo scene
Video Description: Nick is a genuine bo-hunk with a nice-guy vibe and a genuine man-boy winsomeness that is quite fetching. He’s 20; new to porn; unofficial cock size is 7 inches, about the size of a dog’s chew toy; and he has a fascination with hard bones. (Mary, don’t ask!) The most outrageous place he’s had sex was in a baseball field, on the pitcher’s mound, probably seeing if he and his girl would get caught. He’s never done anything with another guy, but he’d be open to it ... for the right amount ... money talks.Nick is naked. He’s muscular and chunky, with a nice set of guns, big pecs; massive thighs. He’s thick waisted – not fat, but husky. He starts to jerk himself off. With his right hand holding tight at the base of his shaft, he tamps his scrotum down; his left hand is doing all the work stroking his cock. First he’s standing, then he sits down; his left hand is still bobbing up and down. A little spit, some ball squeezing, some ball bouncing, continuous stroking. Nick is getting hot and sweaty. Then he’s on the ground, still beating his meat, but faster and faster. He finishes himself off, shooting his load straight up like a geyser. An awesome cum shot.Shower interview: He liked the experience; he’d do it again. But what would he do differently? Maybe different positions, different ways of getting off. When asked if he considers himself a professional porn actor, he laughs it off saying he needs more experience, more practice ... “We’ll get there one day.”


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