Midnight Run

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Video Description: Justin Bailey wanders through a maze of sexual activity...finally settling down to watch Matt Masters give Devon Rexman a hard ass-fucking. Then, in a dungeon-like room bathed in red light, Justin Bailey (non-sexual role) watches Joshua Scott deepthroat two faceless studs standing on a platform. He takes one cock, then another, then both as he does his best to swallow these hard tools. When Joshua's sucked them both well, they blast their loads over his chest as he shoots his own.Finally, Hunter Scott and Tyler Gray work a pair of cocks poking through glory holes. They suck and work the cocks tenderly, switching positions and trading tools as Justin Bailey (non-sexual role) watches from another room. Soon Max Grand and Doug Perry step onto the other side of the wall and begin sucking Hunter and Tyler. Sucking becomes rimming and finally Max and Doug have their cocks buried deep in Hunter and Tyler's asses. The intensity increases until one by one each of these lusty men has shot his load...soaking each other in thick cum.