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Video Description: When resort guest Hawk McAllister starts getting difficult, bellhops Kurt Young and Steve O'Donnell decide to serve up some extra-special room service...starting with Steve's big cock. Pinned down by trim young blond Steve, Hawk has no choice but to suck cock - first Steve, then dark-haired Kurt...back and forth, then both dicks at once as the two bellhops tongue each other deeply. Then Kurt straddles his co-worker, running his long hard cock in Steve's asscrack as Hawk rims them both, his wet hot tongue slipping in and out of their tight holes. The three young men soon move into a 3-way suckfest, then Kurt and Steve take turns stuffing Hawk at both ends. Hawk grabs fistfulls of the sheets as Kurt slams his cock into Hawk's hungry ass, making Hawk's throat take in more and more of Steve's ample cock. Just when Hawk thinks he can't take any more, the two well-built bellhops switch places and Steve grins wickedly as his rock hard cock slips easily into the hole Kurt has fucked wide open for him. From here it doesn't take too long for first Kurt, then Steve, to cum all over Hawk.