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Video Description: It's oral combat when studs Danny Palick and Jackson Taylor pit their mouths against each other's cocks. All that stands between them are their matching boxer briefs. These collegiate jocks have wrestlers' bodies of hard flesh, which are clean-shaven and smooth, sporting little ink. Danny's cock is ready to burst the pouch of his shorts as Jackson molds his mouth over flesh and fabric at the same time. Spiky-haired Jackson closes his eyes as if in a dream while Danny slowly slides cut cock into his gullet and out again. Danny responds by slapping Jackson's face with his wet hardon until Jackson's cheeks turn pink. This is tummy-licking, ball-squeezing oral worship at its most devoted. When Jackson lays out flat for Danny to reciprocate, he displays acres of abs that flex ands ripple in response to the tingling Danny conjures in his balls. Realigning head-to-cock, they form a closed circle of sucking fervor. Meat and mouths meld, leading to convulsed eruptions that glaze their faces with spooge.