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Video Description: Driven inside by the heat of the day, Angelo Marconi and Donny Wright have nothing better to do but get each other off. Stroking each other's uncut cocks and kissing deeply, they're hard and ready to go. Donny kisses his way down Angelo's muscular chest to his throbbing member. Taking it down his throat in one swift movement, Donny swallows Angelo's cock whole and proceeds to milk it with his mouth. Donny is getting seriously turned on by Angelo's meat in his mouth, but his needs sucking too. Donny flips Angelo over onto the couch and feeds Angelo his thick rod, and Angelo takes every inch. Gagging and choking on Donny's tool as it get rammed in his mouth, Angelo takes it like a champ. Then, Angelo rolls Donny onto his back and continues to work his cock until Donny can't hold back and shoots a massive load onto his furry belly right before Angelo drops a hot load of his own.