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Video Description: Jay Kohl, a handsome, dark-haired stud, is surfing the internet in his swim trunks when the exquisite D.O. walks in wearing only a towel, showing off his picture-perfect torso. The muscled and ripped D.O. invites Jay over with a subtle grab to his cock beneath the towel, and Jay responds to immediately, getting up to help D.O. with what's under the towel. Removing the towel reveals D.O.'s stunning cock hard and ready to be sucked, which Jay immediately tends to. It only takes a moment for Jay to get on his knees and swallow the stiff piece, and D.O. packs his meat into Jay's mouth, fucking it as Jay takes every hard thick inch. Jay satisfies the hot Latino as he lies back in a chair and serves as a hungry hole that D.O. uses at his will. Turned on with every jab of D.O.'s cock down his throat, Jay yanks his crank, jerking off as he accepts D.O.'s humongous meat until D.O. shoots a load onto Jay's face and chest, inspiring Jay to shoot a load as well!


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