Matt Murdock Fucks Marc Stone

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Categories butt play, oral sex
Video Description: The boys introduce themselves along with their game plan: Marc is bottoming and Matt is gonna run roughshod on his ass. Matt is cocky and ready; Marc looks game ... but a bit wary.Macho Matt sits back and relaxes as Marc gets on his knees and starts to suck his cock. The big stud is finding it hard to concentrate on the pussy magazine he’s flipping through ‘cuz Marc’s doing a pretty good job blowing him. Matt strips off his clothes, getting more and more into the zone and Marc continues gnawing on the swollen cock, ensuring a super stiff prick to pierce his mangina. All hopped up, Matt slams his dick into his submissive buddy’s hole. He’s balanced the girlie rag across Marc’s back and ogles the sloppy cunt shots for inspiration while he pounds away. Hey, a hole’s a hole ... it doesn’t really matter what crack you slip your dick into, just as long as it's a tight fit and totally fuckable. Matt works up a sweat, while Marc oohs and aahs.The guys then sit back on the couch and finish themselves off. Matt gets his rocks off and unloads while Marc looks on. It’s a touchdown for Matt; he’s pleased and exhausted. But it’s hard to get a read on Marc as he just takes off.


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