Made For You

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Video Description: Jim Bentley and Brad Mitchell are going at it upstairs. Jim tongues Brad's balls and swallows his huge rock-hard cock. Simultaneously Brad swallows Jim's big solid dick. As the 69ing continues, Jim starts teasing Brad's anticipating fuck-hole, widely stretching and exploring his inner depths. Jim can still feel Brad's warm throat as he drives his pulsating thick cock between Brad's lips. Meanwhile, pilot Joe Cade (non-sexual role) has returned and he spies on the two studs as they go at it before returning to tasks downstairs. Back upstairs, the heat is still on as the sucking and fucking continue. After endless non-stop action, Jim inserts a mammoth dildo into Brad's craving ass. After working Brad over Jim has him sit on the dildo as Jim sucks Brad's pulsating cock, totally devouring his long rigid cock and working out a sensational fountain of cum before delivering his own thick load.