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Video Description: Mike Gregory, an experienced employee of 'Inside Out' Cleaning Service, has to supervise the new guy, Danny Brown. Upon entering the house, Danny is instructed to pick up and clean under everything in the living room. Mike returns with a stack of clean towels, catching Danny sniffing some dirty underwear he found between the sofa cushions. Immediately Mike grabs Danny by the back of the head, forcing him into his own rock-hard crotch. Opening his zipper, Mike reveals his big rigid cock. Danny sucks his supervisor and simultaneously strokes his won tool. Ever-so-willingly, Danny anxiously stretches his ass cheeks showing Mike his hungry hole. Mike fingers Danny, opening that tight ass and then shoves his swollen prick all the way up Danny. Danny moans with enjoyment as as Mike thrusts harder and harder...pushing both studs into spewing their loads.