Twin Heat

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Video Description: Landon Conrad's in hog heaven rooting around with twin sex fiends Luca and Liam Rosso.Left and right, he's got someone nipping at him, hungry to kiss, suck his dick and lick himall over. And it's just as rewarding for the feisty brothers as they jockey for position toservice their lucky playmate. Landon soon gets down to fellate the dynamic duo, his headpivoting left and right to suck down their swollen cocks. Luca and Liam then kneel side byside and bottoms up so Landon can tongue their asses, digging deep inside their holes withslurping jabs. Then they reposition themselves with Landon on his back nursing on Luca'sdick while Liam rides his pole. Their harmonized moaning continues as they get up withLandon still plowing Liam up the ass while Luca is behind him fucking his hole. Ready tocum and flanked by the rowdy Rosso bros, Landon jerks off. His hefty climax is quicklyfollowed by the explosive blasts from the twins' towers aimed at his sweaty chest.