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Video Description: Hired hand Matthew Ford is damned furious and won't take any more bullshit from CEO Andre Barclay. In a fit of rage he turns the tables and brutalizes the insensitive manager. Barking orders, spitting, insulting the boss, whatever he can do to drive his point across, Matthew is fearless. He's got the weasel down on his knees sucking his hard cock, licking his balls, taking his abuse. Yeah, how the mighty have fallen. Matthew then turns around and demands Andre eat his ass. Next the disgruntled employee sits his victim down to show him how a real man services another. He deepthroats Andre's entire dick, working his tongue up and down the shaft and then nibbles his balls, slobbering all over the bag of nuts. He rims Andre's ass with hard tongue jabs, jams his fingers inside his tight hole, then fucks him up the ass every which way he can until he pulls out and shoots his load all over him. Then he lets his vanquished leader jerk himself to climax, both of them spent and exhausted.