Josh K.

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From: Josh K.
Categories Athletics, solo scene
Video Description: Josh has travelled all the way from Washington to do the nasty in front of our cameras. He sheepishly admits that he hasn't told anyone about this new adventure, but who knows? Maybe he'll let them in on this secret later. In his brief interview, he reveals that the craziest thing he's done was having sex in a Macy's dressing room. He was feeling horny, she was being a big cock tease and when they finally got busy bumping uglies, they didn't stop until someone knocked on the door. That was fun and now he's just as excited to get things going for us, and with no coaxing at all, he does.First he strips down - nice tightly muscled body, perky nipples, smooth skin - all in all, a pretty impressive package. He begins to jerk off, his hand firmly gripped around the shaft. He is like the Energizer Bunny as he slides up and down his pole so fast, the smacking sound of his fist slapping his thigh resonates loud and vigorously. He is pulling, jerking, stroking and squeezing his pud until he's ready to climax and he quickly shoots his load. Mission accomplished! And how did he measure up after this sweaty workout? He scores a ten in our book!


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