Jesse's Getaway

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Video Description: Lucky Logan Drake has Billy Byron right where he wants him — sitting on the floor, relaxed and nestled between his legs. He massages his good buddy's neck and shoulders, relaxing him into such a state that it's easy to coax him into sucking his cock. Billy obliges his friend right away, gulping down Logan's dick with unbridled enthusiasm. His mouth slides up and down the shaft; he swallows his big balls; then he begins licking Logan's buttcrack. Logan leans back with his legs spread wide apart, enjoying having his cock sucked and his asshole rimmed good. Soon craving more, Logan gets behind his partner and plugs him in the ass, first doggie-style; then with Billy mounted on top, skewered onto his dick and bouncing up and down; and finally with him down on his back. Billy moans for a faster and harder pummeling and his cries are matched with Logan's heavy grunts as he complies. Then Logan pulls out and strokes himself to climax, blasting Billy's face with cum.